Vince Porcelli Racing


1967 Viet Nam was part of my life. While stationed in Vietnam, I began dreaming of building a race car when I got home. This was one of the ways to keep my mind off the surrounding turmoil. My first car was 1965 FORD FALCON, purchased brand new in 1966 during my senior year of high school. This is what I decided to build.

It took a long time to get started - 1988, to be exact.

Thirty-four years after that first dream, I have accomplished my dream. It took 13 years to take the car from junk to an 8.94 seconds 150 mph on motor quarter mile Super Pro Competitor.

The car started as street-driven, 289-powered, 4-speed car. Evolution took place and it has gone from 14 seconds at 100 mph in the quarter-mile to a best 8.74 seconds at 155 mph.

Thanks to numerous friends, sponsors and family, the car has been featured in 23 newspapers and national magazine articles and was the lead-off picture used for an article done on the Milan SUPER FORD Extravaganza, 1996. It was also be featured on a 1997 calendar and on a 2002 calendar, soon to be on two 2008 calendars. The car draws a crowd at the drag strip with its wheel-standing launches and at car shows because of its rarity. Only 2806 of these cars were built in 1965.

During 14 full years of competition, 1993-2007, we have qualified locally at Milan Dragway to compete in the National E.T. Bracket Finals at Indianapolis Raceway Park for three consecutive years: 94, 95 and 96. Only ten drivers in my class can qualify from each of 25 tracks in Division 3. We have since decided to race at different tracks for the recognition of our sponsors. In 2001 and 2002 we were Lapeer Dragway team members for the Michigan Bracket Finals. In 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, & 2007 we were the Lapeer Dragway representative at the Michigan Bracket Finals for the Champion of Champions Race..

With the help and support of my wife, Emilie, my best friend, Joe and all of our sponsors, a dream has become a reality, and is becoming a nightmare for other competitors!

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