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With our new online photo service, the pictures you treasure can be stored, organized, edited and shared over the Internet.

Simply upload your digital photos to our site from the convenience of your home. Or bring your film to us for development and online photo placement.

Either way it’s now fast and easy to order prints online and receive photos with the highest standards in quality and service.

Create User Account
Experience the benefits of online imaging…

To become a Member log on to our website and sign up for 30-day trial account

  • Click Join Now on the sign-in page
  • Type in the registration information
  • Click Continue (You will receive an email message with your secure Password)
  • Click Log In
  • Type in your User Email Address & Password
  • Click My Account to change your Password or User Email Address
  • Click Contact Us or Help for more information
Digital camera users: First, transfer the photos to your computer. Then click Upload and choose an upload utility.

Use Single File or Multi File Uploader

  • Create a new album, upload to an existing album, or create an album within an album
  • When you are ready, click Next
  • Click the Browse/Select button for each photo
  • Navigate through your computer & open the folder that contains your photos
  • Click the Open button when you have finished selecting your photos
  • Click the Upload button
Film camera users: Ask for our Internet upload services when you drop off your roll of film. We'll develop your film, scan the photos and upload them to your online account.

Share Online Albums
Share your proudest moments…

Use your Address Book to enter the names and email addresses of the friends you share your albums with.

  • Click the album you want to share
  • Click Share Album
  • Type the email addresses of one or more guests separated with commas, OR
  • Click Address Book to select addresses
  • Enter your personal message
  • When you're ready, click Share Album

To require visitors to enter a password to view your album, click Share Album With Password

Order Pictures Online
Turn your digital images into quality prints…

Introducing XpressPrints

To order pictures from your digital camera log on to our website and click XpressPrints

  • Navigate through your computer & open the folder that contains your photos
  • Click Scan to add photos to the Image Selection Table (You can always add or remove images)
  • Click Upload to send the photos to your Shopping Cart
  • Use Quick Pics to select size & quantity
  • Select a Pick Up or Shipping option
  • When you are ready, click Finish Order

To order pictures from your Online Albums log in to your account

  • Click My Albums
  • Click the album you want to open
  • Check the Select box under each photo you want to order. Click the photo to get a closer look
  • When you're ready, click Add to Cart to add checked items to your Shopping Cart
  • Use Quick Pics to select size & quantity
  • For additional products click Other Print Sizes
  • When you are ready, click Checkout

Edit Photos Online
Enhance your favorite photographs…

Use our Edit tools to modify photos in albums you have created

  • Click My Albums
  • Click the album you want to view
  • Click the photo you want to edit
  • Click Edit Image
Remember: You are editing a copy of the photo. You can get back to your original photo by clicking “Revert to Original” any time.

Our Edit tool allows you to apply the following edits to your photos:

Brightness: Automatically adjust lighting
Rotate: Rotate your photo 90 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise
Crop: Trim photos to eliminate unwanted portions
Red-eye: Remove red-eye from flash photography subjects

Get creative and try some of our effects by changing your photos to Black & White, apply sepia tone and create a mirror image of your photo. Choose from our selection of Holiday designs to create photo greeting cards and calendars.

Crop a Photo
Get more of your favorite photos…

To crop your photo to fit the standard print sizes (4 x 6", 5 x 7") use the following directions:

  • Click the album you want to view
  • Click the photo you want to crop
  • Click Edit Image
  • In the Edit tool click the Crop icon
  • Choose a print size
  • Choose landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) orientation
  • Drag any of the four corners of the cropping box to resize the photo
  • Click the Apply Crop button when finished
  • You can cancel your edits at any time by clicking the Cancel button
  • Click Save to save your edits to the existing photo
  • Click Save As to save your edits as a new photo
  • Make reprints and enlargements

Create Photo Greeting Cards
Make the most of your photos…

Print your favorite picture and personal greeting on our high-quality 8 x 4" photo card of your favorite design.

  • Click My Albums
  • Click the album you want to view
  • Click the photo you want on the card
  • Click Cards
  • Click on the design for your Photo Card
  • Preview the photo exactly as it will appear on the card
  • Click Text and enter the message you want
  • When you're ready, click Apply
  • Click Order to add to shopping cart

Our Year-On-A-Page Photo Calendars come in 8" x 12” and 10" x 15” sizes.

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