Laurie Shoebridge Barker
Class of 1973

After high school, I married Robert Brink from Westland High and had 2 Boys. We divorced 3 yrs later. In 1979 I married a Texan and had another son and a daughter. We were married 24 yrs but are now divoced.

I also took in kids through out my life time and still have one left at home who is 13, who has been with me since she was 11 months old. I was a stay home mother all these years and of course did a great job at it. My oldest is a teacher and coach. My second is a supervisor over an ICU unit. My third works full and goes to school full time and has my first grandbaby. My fourth just graduated with a teachers degree but has decided to join the army. My 5th is still in school.

I have a degree in interpreting for the deaf. I havn't used it except to have deaf friends and teach it. I'm planning to go back to school and do day care adminstration. At least I think thats what I want to be when I grow up. One day maybe I will get there but coming up to that 50 mark in a couple years, dont think I'll push it.

Life has been very good to me with minor ups and downs on the way. I'm still short, a brat, and mean as hell. And I can still beat up the guys.

Updated May 2004