Daniel Moran
Class of 1976

I`m retired from Ford motor company as a power-plant engineer.

I`m single and I live in my parents House. It was called the BEST house in Livonia 2008 by Livonia Observer! My house has been in many magazines for my 60`s & 70`s Art, Collectables, Classic car, boat and Chopper collection.

I travel to California monthly. Everyone I meet can not believe I`m 51. I work out and look better then most thirty year olds.

I have one son who is thirty. He has a very popular Psychedelic band called Friends of Dennis Wilson.

The fact I never have to work again and I`m set for life is the best gift of all! I`ve been very blessed and I appreciate everything I have! Life was been incredible beyond my wildest dreams!

Updated February 2009