Debbie Miller Haskins
Class of 1972

Married for 30 years - boy that makes me sound old! We have two sons, Brian and Michael and a daughter, Sarah. Brian is 27, married with a 1 year old daughter, Lauren. They live in CT since Brian is in the Navy on a nuclear sub. Michael is 25 and is married with a little girl, Alexandra, and a baby boy on the way. They live in TN, near Nashville.

We were transferred to TN and lived there for 10 heavenly years, in Franklin. GM then transferred most of their TN offices back here. Sarah is 16 and is doing well at the brand new Plymouth High School. She is very active in volleyball there and in AAU ball at Madonna University.

It's very hard being so far away from our sons and grandchildren but, thankfully, we are able to travel often to see them and we are happy that they live in such beautiful places!

Updated July 2004