Jim Igrisan
Class of 1974

Married to Theo Donnithorne (Churchill, Class of 1972), we have two great kids, both girls, aged 17 (Kylie Marie) and 15 (Danielle Preston). The 15-year-old goes to Churchill now. My parents still live on Elmira in Livonia.

We also have 2 dogs, Chance and Buster (Chance is a black/tan Dobe and Buster is a Red/Rust Dobe); 1 cat, Molly; 1 Bunny, Poppie; and 1 Fish, unnamed as of yet.

I work for Jack Roush of Roush Racing in Livonia as Jack's Aviation Supervisor. I was in charge of the whole engine build/prototype/race team department for a long time but I do this now instead and really enjoy it.

Updated May 2004