Carl Francis
Class of 1973

My wife, Patricia (27 years), and I moved to St. Cloud, Florida last year because of a promotion and job transfer from Toledo, Ohio. My parents still live in the same home near 5-Mile & Newburg and doing OK. We have one daughter, 22 years old, who is finishing her 2nd year of college in Toledo, but moving back to Waterford, MI, next month to finish school to be a Teacher.

I miss all my classmates back when things were a little simpler and lots of fun. Life sure has take many paths for me with many jobs, all in aviation since High School - Air Force, Flight Instruction, Charter and Corporate Pilot and now back in Instruction. I do love what I'm doing and get a chance to meet other professional pilots from around the world. I see many whom I've trained in small airplanes in the past and now see them in a great job doing fine.

Florida is different but a welcome change. I work at the Orlando International Airport training pilots to fly jet aircraft in simulators, and live in a home we just built in St. Cloud. We are on a lake and have a built-in screened pool and love it.

Updated May 2004