2006 Churchill Alumni Bash Attendance

FYI: We had a HUGE problem with people not signing the guestbook!

Email information, if available, will be listed in the Alumni Directory.

Class of 1971
Suzanne Azure Greer
Gerry Boles
Tom "Buzz" Buzzel
Paul Cirocco
Pam Danaj Malo
Dave Greer
Lynn Hanna Raade
Ray Hobbs
Class of 1972
Doug Roberts
Class of 1973
Laurie Hanna Canfield
Vicky Cisak MacDonald
Marcie Hilden Paisley
Vicky Jordan Hage
Gayle Napolitano Nicholson
Chris Nicholson
Paula Oglesby
Dennis Poynter
Tim Tingstad
Roseann Turk
Denise Vick Reed
Cathy Woodside Corps
Class of 1974
Kathy Boysel Mihm
Cathy Good Welker
Debbie Robinson Fox
Oliver Meadows
Deborah Vaccaro
Class of 1975
Terry Adams Hamilton
Daniel Brodie
Helen Epskamp
Sharon Snowdon McNamara
Gayle Zech
Class of 1976
Brian Hanna
Mary Robinson
Class of 1977
David Hewgley
Rick Robinson
Class of 1978
DeeDee Adams Ransley
William Boles
Class of 1979
Ray Kachmarchik
Bill Regan
Class of 1980
Joyce Harris Bergman
Alan Stefan
Class of 1981
Laura Adams Brdak
Scott Beever
Class of 1983
Allison Adams
Laura Fisanick Gibbons
Class of 1985
Donna Reilly
                    Class of 1993
Nathan Andrews

Information was obtained from the sign-in book, which was occasionally difficult to read!
Contact Gayle Nicholson regarding corrections

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Don Nicholson
Gayle Nicholson