First Annual Churchill Alumni Bash
June 19, 2004

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Snowball Fight?
Churchill Alumni Summer Snow, brought by Ed Vingsness
Jack & Helen Trudgeon
Jack and Helen Trudgeon peruse an old yearbook
Uncle Jack
Can't believe we were lucky enough to have him there! Thanks, Uncle Jack - for everything!
Jack Trudgeon
Jack Trudgeon visits the Welcome Center
Trish Reed
Trish Reed plays in the snow!
Music Department
"Uncle Jack" Trudgeon with his former music students (note the choir jacket!)
Music Department
Another shot of "Uncle Jack" and his former music students
Music Department
The same photo as at left, but this time check the look on Mrs. Trudgeon's face!
Jack Trudgeon
Jack and Helen Trudgeon visit with Nate Andrews, Helen Epskamp, and Gayle Nicholson
Denise Vick, Jack Trudgeon
Denise Vick & "Uncle Jack"
Ron Fulton, Chris Nicholson
Ron Fulton & Chris Nicholson
Bohemian Rhapsody
Churchill Alumni give their own spin on Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"
Denise Truan, Ray Hobbs
Denise Truan & Ray Hobbs
Music Students
Janeen Bascom, with her daughter, Uncle Jack, Denise Vick, and Gayle Napolitano
The Reed Family
Denise Vick Reed, with daughter Trish, son Don, husband Don
Jack Trudgeon, Gayle Napolitano
Jack Trudgeon & Gayle Napolitano look at some 1973 Choir photos
The Missing Choir Jacket!
Uncle Jack learns why he was short a choir jacket in 1973!
Will it fit?
Chris Nicholson tries to show Uncle Jack he can still wear that choir jacket!
Chris Nicholson, Jack Trudgeon
Really, it still fits - sort of!
Suzanne Azure, Jack Trudgeon
Suzanne Azure & Jack Trudgeon
Penny Vick
Penny Vick & friend David
Jack Schneider
Jack Schneider, who still teaches at CHS, with Chris Nicholson and Gayle Napolitano
Mary Buda, Linda Elkins
Mary Buda (still on CHS Faculty) and Linda Elkins (former Earth Science teacher) check out the 72 and 71 yearbooks
Mary Buda, Linda Elkins
Mary Buda and Linda Elkins, this time with the 73 yearbook
Dave Greer, Ray Hobbs
Dave Greer & Ray Hobbs
Waterford Bend
A View of the Pavilion
Waterford Bend
Bob Caunter
Bob Caunter
Fifty-Fifty Raffle
50/50 Raffle winner Kevin Shellenbarger with Trish Reed, Uncle Jack, and Chris Nicholson
Dennis Poynter
Dennis Poynter
Waterford Bend\
View of the Pavilion, Waterford Bend Park
Dave Greer
Dave Greer, Great Outdoorsman
1970 Yearbook
Dave Greer shows Uncle Jack & Chris Nicholson the 1970 Yearbook
More Power!
What this thing needs is MORE POWER!
Denise Vick hams it up for the camera
Don Reed
Don Reed, Master of the Barbecue
Welcome Center
The Welcome Center
Dennis Poynter, Golden Davis
Dennis Poynter visits with Golden Davis (but he didn't sing!)
Uncle Jack
Uncle Jack
Group Discussion
Denise Vick, Denise Truan, Suzanne Azure, Penny Vick
Welcome Center
Denise Vick helps Uncle Jack at the Welcome Center
Paul Hahn
Paul Hahn
Group Discussion
Do you suppose they are talking Music???
Denise Truan
Denise Truan
Gayle Napolitanor
Gayle Napolitano, who never did use that camera!
Trish Reed
Trish Reed takes a turn on karaoke with "Reach"
Concord Ambulance Volunteers
Thanks to our volunteer EMT's from Concord Ambulance Service
Trish & Dodgerr
Trish Reed gives Dodger some special attention
Gayle, Linda, Golden
Gayle visits with Linda Nasset, from Western Wayne Skill Center, and Golden Davis, who donated her time to host karaoke
Don & Dodger
Don Reed takes a turn with Dodger
Don Reed
"Can we go home yet?"

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Don Nicholson
Gayle Nicholson

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